GridPoint Energy Management Systems Deliver Savings for Convenience Stores

With HVAC, lighting and refrigeration representing a significant portion of a convenience store’s fixed costs, 24/7 energy management is critical to each store’s bottom line.  GridPoint helps store managers gain insight into energy and site operations while maintaining customer comfort and maximizing savings opportunities across thousands of sites.  From around-the-clock visibility into the performance of critical equipment such as cash registers, reach-in coolers, and fuel pumps, to the centralized control of HVAC and lighting systems, the GridPoint energy management system (EMS) allows convenience store owners to:

  • Monitor the performance of critical equipment, as well as pinpoint and resolve costly issues
  • Monitor fuel pump performance
  • Protect valuable, temperature-sensitive inventory
  • Adhere to corporate energy usage policies
  • Validate HVAC and lighting control system settings
See how the GridPoint EMS delivers energy savings for convenience stores

See how the GridPoint Energy Management System delivers
energy savings for convenience stores


Use Case

Minimize Fuel Pump Failure Impact

Minimize Impact of Fuel Pump Failure


A convenience store with fuel dispensers needs to monitor master fuel pump so as to proactively repair pump prior to possible catastrophic failure

Situation Analysis
  • GridPoint EMS monitors main pump motor kW
    • Erratic load indicates a failing tank pump, which may lead to customer frustration or loss of sale
    • Zero load indicates pump failure – no sales
  • GridPoint EMS alerted manager to load variation outside of performance parameters
  • Further detailed data analysis helped manager quickly identify a pump that showed signs of imminent failure
  • Manager arranged for parts and repair in advance of complete failure, minimizing and/or avoiding outage
  • Convenience store limited/avoided lost revenue
Monitor fuel pump performance to avoid failure

Monitor fuel pump performance to avoid failure


Use Case

 Monitor Outdoor Lighting to Identify Abnormalities

Monitor Outdoor Lighting To Identify Abnormalities


Maintaining outdoor lighting schedules is critical to ensuring operational efficiency

Situation Analysis
  • GridPoint EMS monitors outdoor lighting schedule to ensure lights are off during the day and on at night
  • GridPoint EMS alarm alerted facility manager to an abnormal lighting load

  • Analysis by facility manager quickly identified parking lights which were being left on during day time hours
  • Lighting schedule was adjusted, curtailing excess power usage
Ensure efficiency of outdoor lighting

Ensure efficiency of outdoor lighting

The use cases set forth herein are for illustration purposes only and do not represent guaranteed results or cost savings. All stated savings are purely estimates based on current industry conditions. These statements should not be used as the sole source of information when making purchasing decisions or when executing other binding agreements. GridPoint disclaims all liability of any kind arising out of your use or misuse of the information contained herein.