GridPoint Enterprise Energy Efficiency (C&I)

The GridPoint Enterprise  Energy Efficiency solution is a cost-effective program for a utility’s commercial and industrial (C&I) customer base. Using energy management and submetering systems, utilities and their customers have increased visibility into energy consumption patterns.  These intelligent, automated controls support customers’ efforts to meet efficiency goals continuously - benefiting both them and the utility.

System Components

GridPoint Controller Hardware


Quickly evaluate and act on energy endpoint performance. Establish setpoints and schedules across a diverse footprint.

GridPoint Energy Manager

GridPoint Energy Manager

Gain detailed visibility into site operations and energy usage with a variety of reports and alarms presented through an intuitive, web-based user interface.

GridPoint Monitoring with Submetering

Monitoring with Submetering

Optimize savings across multiple sites with circuit-level monitoring of critical endpoints, such as HVAC units, gas and water meters, and lighting.



Achieve lasting load reduction

Monthly reports monitor and highlight facility performance and consumption trends, informing decisions that lead to lasting load reduction.


Meet savings goals by engaging customers

Engage customers with a cost-effective solution that provides rich visibility into peak usage and pinpoints opportunities for energy savings.