GridPoint Energy Management Systems Deliver Savings for Restaurants

Full-serve, casual dining, fast food, and quick-serve restaurants struggle to manage energy spend across a network of geographically distributed sites. GridPoint helps facility managers gain insight into energy and site operations while maintaining customer comfort and maximizing capital expense savings opportunities. From monitoring water and gas consumption to the centralized control of HVAC and lighting systems for hundreds or thousands of sites, the GridPoint energy management system (EMS) allows restaurant facility managers to:

  • Adhere to corporate energy usage policies
  • Monitor the performance of critical equipment, as well as pinpoint and resolve costly issues
  • Protect valuable, temperature-sensitive inventory
  • Monitor and verify water and gas usage
  • Validate HVAC and lighting control system settings
See how the GridPoint EMS delivers energy savings for restaurants

See how the GridPoint Energy Management System
delivers energy savings for restaurants


Case Study

GridPoint's Energy Management System lets fast food chain realize great savings

Use Case

Monitor and Control Kitchen Equipment such as the Exhaust Fan so Schedules are Followed, Minimizing Extra Costs

Control and Monitor Kitchen Equipment


Restaurant equipment operating outside of scheduled times can significantly increase costs

Situation Analysis
  • Monitoring and optimizing the use of kitchen equipment, such as exhaust fans, fryers and broilers, can greatly impact the amount of energy used by a restaurant
  • GridPoint EMS identified an exhaust fan as performing outside of preset schedule parameters
  • Alarms notified store manager of issue
  • Store manager adjusted exhaust fan settings to align with desired schedules, minimizing additional costs

Identify equipment performance abnormalities

Identify equipment performance abnormalities


Use Case

Increase Operational Efficiency With Centralized Control of HVAC Setpoints and Lighting Schedules

Increase Operational Efficiency with Central Control


With energy costs increasing year over year, restaurants must bring energy use and expense under control

Situation Analysis
  • GridPoint EMS allowed facility manager to control lighting schedules and HVAC setpoints across all locations from a single dashboard
  • Equipment is maintained at maximum working efficiency via alarms that notify of equipment issues

  • Controls eliminated costly site-by-site HVAC and lighting overrides
  • Immediate ROI with 12% monthly energy savings in the first eight weeks after implementation, equaling tens of thousands of dollars in annualized energy savings
  • Additional savings were achieved from equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance
Monitor load profiles for inconsistencies

Monitor load profiles for inconsistencies

The use cases set forth herein are for illustration purposes only and do not represent guaranteed results or cost savings. All stated savings are purely estimates based on current industry conditions. These statements should not be used as the sole source of information when making purchasing decisions or when executing other binding agreements. GridPoint disclaims all liability of any kind arising out of your use or misuse of the information contained herein.