GridPoint Energy Management Systems Deliver Savings for Retailers

Managing energy costs and site operations across hundreds or thousands of sites can be a daunting task.  GridPoint energy management solutions help retail facility managers gain insight into energy and site operations across thousands of sites, while maintaining customer comfort and maximizing savings opportunities. From monitoring equipment performance and power quality, to the management and validation of control systems, GridPoint energy management systems (EMS) allow retailers to:

  • Monitor the performance of critical equipment, as well as pinpoint and resolve costly issues
  • Protect the life of equipment by identifying harmful voltage imbalances
  • Adhere to corporate energy usage policies
  • Validate HVAC and lighting control system settings
  • View energy consumption and production
  • Integrate renewable energy monitoring for sustainability initiative tracking
See how the GridPoint EMS delivers energy savings for retailers

See how the GridPoint Energy Management System
delivers energy savings for retailers


Use Case

Identify utility overbilling to prevent unnecessary costs

Identify Utility Over Billing


Identifying and substantiating utility billing errors is difficult and time consuming, yet can result in significant savings

Situation Analysis
  • GridPoint EMS provides main load and submeter data to validate utility billing accuracy
  • A big box retailer had meter malfunctions that resulted in monthly electricity overcharges of 17% ($2,400)
  • The GridPoint EMS Bill Comparison Report discovered the discrepancy
  • Retailer used GridPoint main load and submeter data to support over billing claim
  • Utility repaired meter, curtailing over billing
Verify utility billing with the Bill Comparison Report

Verify utility billing with the Bill Comparison Report


Use Case

Uncover power quality issues to prevent unneccessary HVAC replacement

Uncover Power Quality Issues


Power quality issues can significantly shorten the lifetime of critical equipment, yet are difficult to diagnose and proactively correct

Situation Analysis
  • Power quality issues can detrimentally impact the site’s roof top units and freezer/coolers
  • GridPoint EMS monitoring of main load power quality alerted staff to voltage imbalance

  • Facility manager contacted the utility for repair
  • Submetering and monitoring verified the issue had been resolved
  • Equipment lifetime was preserved, saving capital replacement costs
Get immediate notification of power voltage imbalance

Get immediate notification of power voltage imbalance

The use cases set forth herein are for illustration purposes only and do not represent guaranteed results or cost savings. All stated savings are purely estimates based on current industry conditions. These statements should not be used as the sole source of information when making purchasing decisions or when executing other binding agreements. GridPoint disclaims all liability of any kind arising out of your use or misuse of the information contained herein.